A Few Simple Rules of Motivation

Whether you drag yourself or whether you drag yourself down is up to you. It can be a conscious choice you make every, single day. Or, if you are not properly feeding your sub-conscious mind, you can make the same positive or negative choices under your own ‘radar’. Whenever you are faced with this conflict of choices, bring with you a few tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation.

Never mind that you’re not this or that.
It all begins with little excuses like ‘I don’t feel good’, ‘I am not that smart’, ‘I don’t have enough faith in myself’. Then you start believing in these things as if they are written in stone. Next, these negative beliefs become a part of your system, a part of who you are.

Don’t give a second’s worth of recognition on these negative self-talks. Whenever you hear that part of your brain tell you things that can pull you down, shut it out (strike it with a positive and an affirmative ‘CHANGE IT’) and listen to that less powerful, but often times ignored voice that says ‘you can!’. Then, maximize it.

Start with a little faith – in yourself, in what you can do, and the things you believe in or recall the things that you’ve already done that have worked for you. It also doesn’t matter if you fail, since everyone goes through that process. What really matters is that every time you do, you bounce back, rebuild yourself, and give the world a better you as a result.

Be very careful when choosing your side.
You can either talk yourself into doing the task or not, which means you can either be a part of success that one part of your head says you can be, or take part in the downfall the other side of your head tries to go to. Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think that you can or you think that you can’t, you’re right’. Always take that side of your brain that believes in you, that cares about your well-being, and pushes you to be the person you are trying to be.

Try to win the debate with yourself every time. Remember that sometimes, the act of doing something is not really that difficult. It’s the few minutes of mental chatter leading up to doing the act.

Hold on to that something that matters to you.
There is nothing more meaningful in life than that something that we dearly hold on to. Some people call it their passion, others call it their cause. What do you call yours?

Cause, passion, or whatever it is that propels your inner drive to accomplish something is a very powerful source of motivation. It never runs dry. It flows so long as you hold on to that thing you care about. Sometimes, it is what makes people do the impossible in the face of difficulties. And it is that thing that gives them the courage to face and get through the biggest difficulties life throws at them.

Dream big.
Big dreams inspire. It makes people work harder, with even more passion. What would happen to people if they fail to take aim? Nothing. No risk, no reward. If there are no Olympic medals and several hundred Olympians to compete against, the champions will never exist. If Mount Everest is not the highest mountain, there will be no mountaineers and hikers who struggle everyday to reach the peak.

If you don’t dream big, you would stay forever in that nook of the world where everything is mediocre, where sense of achievement is an abstract concept, and where success is all but nonexistent.

Compete with yourself.
Competing with others is good, but oftentimes it is a sure-fire way to demotivate yourself because you will start to compare yourself with others each and every time.
Never compare yourself with others, because there area always others greater than or lesser than yourself. Run your own, personal race. How many times have you heard the saying, ‘you are your worst enemy’?


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I'm my father's son. He 'moonlighted' along with his regular work. His father built his own house. My nature is to strive, progress and impr
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