Target: Gun Owners Who Amass Excessive Armaments Primarily for Crime in Public Places


My heart is broken. I had anxiety for months wondering who would be next.

After the Colorado theater tragedy, I pondered, ‘…how could this have been prevented?’

I’m sick and tired of the defenses for the 2nd amendment, which was designed for protection against roaming bears and attacks for and against the ‘Manifest Destiny’.

I am no longer wasting time attempting to move guns themselves from one place to another. The resistance there is formidable and well-paid.

Among the tons of appeals for someone else to ‘take action’, I have put a little thought to the matter that could have long-term impact on this important issue. We just have to get started.

Guns don’t kill….bullets do.

We’re all scanned as a part of everyday life. We all know what we can bring and what we can’t bring.

What if law-abiding citizens were ‘scanned’ and allowed to proceed, but, malicious citizens, those with excessive quantities of arms…..and BULLETS…could be detected by scanners, in advance?

RFID technology is mature and cheap. A chip placed in every bullet manufactured would clearly show the difference between 6 chips and 100 chips moving into an unauthorized public area, such as a mall, a toll booth, a stadium, an airport, or near children. A scanner located within 9m is enough to detect a single chip. Multiple chips create even larger signatures.

Please sign and forward my petition that will require this simple, inexpensive and highly effective method to identify those who are over the expected threshold for possession of arms, and bullets.

It’s time to stop asking for others to take action. It’s time to get moving – NOW!

Thank you for your time and attention.

This is prevention against many future events that need our immediate attention now.

– 1,000 signatures needed!!!

Hold Gun Owners Responsible


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I'm my father's son. He 'moonlighted' along with his regular work. His father built his own house. My nature is to strive, progress and impr
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