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A Few Simple Rules of Motivation

Whether you drag yourself or whether you drag yourself down is up to you. It can be a conscious choice you make every, single day. Or, if you are not properly feeding your sub-conscious mind, you can make the same … Continue reading

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Is It Only For The Wealthy?

From the standpoint of estate and tax planning, involving cash gifts between individuals, or between individual and organization, the process is known to follow a familiar legal and rule-based framework. This process is well-known, accepted and hardly questioned when it … Continue reading

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Making the Change from the JOB Mindset

All of us are exposed on a daily basis to the apparent scarcity of traditional job opportunities in the current economic environment. It is a particularly wrenching exercise for the individuals who have not yet faced up to the necessity … Continue reading

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‘HOW’ Cash Gifting Works

‘HOW’ Cash Gifting Works – The Reality Is it the fear of accepting that which appears to be an unconventional method of exchanging gifts with others that causes some to suspect or suggest, without proof, the presence of malicious intent?  … Continue reading

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